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The Little Lineman Coloring Book is a short, simple coloring book to educate and entertain anyone who is interested in electrical linework. The content includes information and illustrations of many aspects involved with the trade. Within the pages of the book children will learn about the different types of electrical systems, crew structure, and safety precautions. Created by a linewife with the goal of providing other line-families with a fun, unique way for linekids to learn about and color something different than the traditional kids coloring pages.

Please note, this is not a physical product. You are purchasing a downloadable PDF containing the cover and contents of the Little Lineman Coloring Book. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of this book please click here to purchase a copy from Amazon. In addition, please know you're free to print, copy, and use these coloring pages as many times as you'd like, but designs in this book are not to be re-sold or distributed, as the contents of this book is copyrighted material owned by Designed with Dez, LLC. 

The Little Lineman Coloring Book (ebook)

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