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Desi Petet

How Designed with Dez began

Hi, I'm Desi Petet. I was born and raised in the potato state (Idaho) but have lived in the evergreen state (Washington) since 2017. I am the wife to the most hardworking lineman, mama to the sweetest little boy, dog mom of two wild labs, and the owner of Designed With Dez, LLC. 

I began my career in sales administration at a local tire company straight out of high school, three years later I joined the mortgage industry, where I have worked for the past six years. Throughout that time I've worn more hats than I can count. I work for and with some of the most successful loan officer teams & executives in the business and have gained invaluable experience that lead me to where I am at professionally today. 

I created my first website in 2016, it was a personal blog that I used as a journal to document and share some of the things going on in my life at the time. Since then I have done logo creation, web design, and ad generation on the side for friends and family who own small businesses. While doing this, I fell in love with the ability to use my skills to generate online spaces that helped small businesses takeoff and succeed.  In 2021 I decided it was time to put my passion for growing small businesses to the next level and with the support of my family, decided to launch Deisigned with Dez as an LLC. 

After a lot of brainstorming, self reflection, and research I had an epiphany. The epiphany was that, I didn't have to continue struggling to balance working full time at a corporate job while longing to do something I was more passionate about. I discovered that we live in a time where you don't have to chose a job from a list of options given to you by a guidance counselor. I didn't want to continue doing a job full time that my heart was only half in. I wanted to design a business that worked for our family. I wanted to design a career path that would enable me to use my experience as an assistant combined with my passion for creating and growing small businesses. Doing this would allow me more flexibility as a working mom, the potential to grow more as a creator, and a huge opportunity for small businesses that aren't in a place to hire a traditional branding company. 

I am excited to provide a wide range of services and look forward to growing my business by helping my clients grow theirs. Please reach out if you have any questions about me or my business that aren't provided here.

Thank you for considering Deisgned with Dez! 

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